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16th Annual Columbus Day Tournament.  October 7th, 8th , 9th.

Congratulations to our tournament Finalist and Champions.  Final Standings

Many thanks to all our tournament teams, coaches, volunteers, board members and sponsors. We had a successful weekend and we hope everyone enjoyed their weekend full of soccer, teammates, families and friends.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellations & Refunds

All fees are non-refundable once the team has been accepted. Notifications are via the web and email. Lack of an email address or an incorrect email does not create an exception.

No games will be cancelled or postponed unless the referee considers the playing surface unsafe. The tournament will not be rescheduled due to weather.

Yes in 2016 fees for teams have increased between $15 and $20 depending on the age group. The tournament has not increased fees in 5 years while overhead costs have increased. The increase goes directly back into the cost of running the tournament.  A few examples: MYS is increasing the payments to referees, MYS is adding a paramedic for the entire tournament weekend, MYS is increasing the hours the bus runs, MYS is contributing to the field construction to increase and improve field and tent space.  We are confident all teams (players, coaches and parents) will positively experience the return on their tournament fee with the investments being made.

Registration is NOW OPEN.

Click on Columbus Day Tournament Logo at the top of the page to enter registration


Our tournament is a great team bonding event for both parents and players. Teams are guaranteed at least three games during the all day event that begins at 8:00am. Games are two 22 minutes halves.

All games are in one location with concessions, vendors and activities sprinkled into a full day of fun and competition. Free activities hosted by our sponsors. Photo Booth, Balloon Artists, Tattoos stations, Revolution player visits.

In 2010 MYS revealed  a million dollar field renovation project which includes a full state of the art 11 v 11 synthetic turf field. The vast majority of teams that play in this tournament have returned year after year because we put so much effort into making it such a fun experience for all involved.

Our tournament attracts teams from BAYS divisions 1,2,3 and 4 as well as South Coast, South Shore, Coastal leagues and RI and NH teams. With a draw from such a wide range of towns/leagues we can offer your team opponents they may not have seen before. Our tournament is a great opportunity early in the fall season for teams to bond both on and off the field.

Teams from surrounding areas such as Taunton, Norton and Falmouth (which are also South Coast teams) join our tournament each year though the majority of teams are from the BAYS league such as Lexington, Foxboro, Mansfield, North Attleboro, Easton, Walpole etc. We also have out of state teams from NH and RI joining us. Since our tournament does draw from various Mass Youth Soccer leagues (Coastal, BAYS, South Coast, South Shore) our tournament can offer teams different opponents than who they match up with during their regular league games.
In terms of competition we offer 2 divisions with multiple brackets per age group. We attract teams from regular league divisions 1,2,3 and 4 which gives us the flexibility to group teams with similar skill levels. We take special care when placing teams, we research current league play as well as coach comments about placements. Many competitive teams came to our tournament last year which typically go to the Newton tournament and historically speaking Newton tends to draw very competitive teams. For example, Walpole is one of the more competitive towns that participate in our tournament.
Our tournament is a great team bonding event for both parents and players. All games are in one location with concessions, vendors and activities sprinkled into a full day of fun and competition. We just completed a million dollar field renovation project which includes a full state of the art 11 v 11 synthetic turf field.
We are planning for 124 teams with a break down as:
U10 – 22 boys teams / 22 girls teams
U12 – 20 boys teams / 20 girls teams
U14 – 20 boys teams / 20 girls teams

If your premier team is a “club” team and doesn’t play for your town program, then unfortunately no, your team is not eligible for the tournament.  Our tournament is open to reviewing your club team to see it is fits competitively into a bracket at our tournament, please contact if you wish to have your team reviewed.

The tournament consists of age groups from U10-U14 for girls and boys. U9 and U10 will play 7v7, U11 and U12 will play 9v9 and U13 & U14 will play 11v11.
Boys play on Saturday, Girls play on Sunday and every team is guaranteed three games. For the U12 and U14 age groups, playoffs for qualifying teams will be played on Monday.
All teams U10 and under are classified as non-competitive and all participants will be awarded a participation trophy. All U12 and U14 teams are classified as competitive and Championship t-shirts will be awarded to the finalists (2) in each division. All games are played at our Plymouth Street Complex.
Online registration will be available the week of August 21st with the tournament invitation going out the same week. Additional tournament information is available on the Mansfield Youth Soccer website

Our tournament does offer playoff and championship games. All playoff games for qualifying teams in our U12 and U14 boys and girls are played on Monday and championship t-shirts will be awarded to the finalists in each division. All other teams are classified as non-competitive/round robin and all participants will be awarded a participation trophy.

We will make every effort to place all teams in the tournament and take great care in grouping teams in division by ability, not just by age and grade. Coaches with Grade 3 U9 teams should register as U10, Grade 4 U11 teams should register as U12 and Grade 7 U13 teams should register as U14. When registering a team please use the “Adult Comment” section to make any additional notes about placement of your team(s). We typically try to group teams based on age/ability so we won’t have a strong U10 team playing a weaker U9 team.

No, it really depends on similar strengths within the Grade 6 U12 division. In the past we have had strong Grade 5 U11 teams play comparable Grade 6 U12 teams but it definitely helps to know where you feel your team should be placed. . Referencing your BAYS placement is a big help to us when determining placement of teams.

Teams that register in our “A” division are competitive/strong teams-division 1 or 2 and our “B” division is reserved for teams below division 2. It helps our placement director to have coaches refer to their BAYS placement when registering a team.


The first game starts at 8:00am and each team is guaranteed 3 games. The games are spread throughout the day with the last game usually played at 5:00pm. Not all teams play their first game at 8:00, some might start at 10:00, 11:00 or as late as 12:00 and the last game might be played as late as 5:00, but again, some might end at 12:00, 2:00 or 4:00. We will not have the final schedule together until registration closes. The games consist of 2 (two) twenty-two minute halves and a 5 minute half time.

As a general rule:

Boy’s teams play on Saturday and Girl’s play on Sunday.  Though in past years we have had some girl’s teams play on Saturday in order to make room for all teams requesting to play in the tournament.

In an effort to accommodate one of our largest brackets, the GU12 group, the tournament committee would like to extend an invitation to all GU12 teams wishing to experience and compete in our tournament an opportunity to play on Saturday, October 7th. Turning teams away in past years has been difficult but necessary due to the overwhelming requests to play from the u12 age group. This year when registering your team, you have a choice, if you would like your U12 team to have the opportunity to play on Saturday, please indicate on your registration.

Yes in past years, due to the construction of our turf field and lack of field space, we had to eliminate this division from our tournament but with the completion of our new synthetic field and renovation of grass area, we have a full B U14 A and B division.   20 teams grouped into several brackets.

Our tournament will have three full 11 v 11 fields this year which will allow our tournament to have multiple brackets for the U14 age group and all games will be played at our Plymouth Street Complex.

Grade 5/6  U11-U12 teams play 9v9 and typically rosters are a maximum of 13-16. You should plan to bring along 3 (games) x 16.

Grade 7/8  U13-U14 teams play 11v11 and typically rosters are a maximum of 16-18. You should plan to bring along 3×18.

Grade 3/4  U9-U10 teams play 7v7 and typically rosters are a maximum of 11-13. You should plan to bring along 3×13.

MYS tournament committee will review requests but we feel we should inform you that we are not able to accommodate many requests.  MYS has a policy around fund raising and requests must be within the guidelines to be granted. We do not allow “roaming” fundraisers. Also Mansfield Youth Soccer holds is own fundraiser raffle and silent auction at the tournament so requests can not conflict with our standard fund raising efforts. We support efforts to raise funds for organizations but unfortunately we are unable to support many requests at the tournament.

There is limited parking at the Plymouth Street fields. The tournament committee decided to hold a raffle for a “premium” parking spot inside our gated complex. The winner of the raffle will have the opportunity to park one car inside our complex.

Parking is available along 1 side ONLY of Plymouth Street-which is located in our business park. New for 2013 surrounding business parking lots will be available for parking.

The good news is once your in our complex your in for the day. We have several golf carts to help with carrying tables, coolers, and tents to the “team camp area”. We encourage teams to setup “campsites” for the day, which allow the parents and kids to enjoy the full tournament experience.

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